Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  How is driver safety education taught at utilizes a blended learning model of instruction.  Our program incorporates a variety of instructional techniques that address different learning styles. These instructional techniques include, but are not limited, to direct student contact, video instruction, and in car hands- on instruction.

QUESTION:  How long does the program take to complete?

There are ten (10) days of academic coursework that include eight (8) hours of face to face instructor contact.   In addition there are a minimum of six (6) hours of hands-on behind-the-wheel driving with six (6) to twelve (12) hours of peer observation.  
        The academic portion of the program includes readings, projects, and videos.  Eight of the days include an exam that must be passed with 80% or better accuracy and completed in the presence of a drivekansas certified instructor to complete the unit. 
        Students will need to set aside a minimum of a 3 hour block of time for ten days to complete the program.  

QUESTION:  What are the age requirements for enrollment in

A student must be at least 15 years of age in the year the student completes driver safety education.

QUESTION:  What is the first step to begin the enrollment process?

Before a student completes a pre-enrollment application to each student must obtain a Kansas Instruction Permit from a Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles station. Kansas law requires a student to have held a Kansas Instruction Permit for one year before the student is eligible for any type of vehicle license.  This step initiates a student toward completion of this requirement.

QUESTION:  How much does this course cost?

        Because of constantly changing fuel costs, course fees will be discussed at the family meeting at the start of each instructional period.  Our rates are very competitive, and you will find them to be lower than most if not all other professional driver education schools.  Know that student driver safety is our primary concern.

QUESTION:  Where will I bring my student for the drivekansas driver education course?

        After the initial family meeting our drivers will pick up your student at a mutually agreed upon, pre-arranged site.  Your student will drive (or ride in) our driver education car to our offices in Bonner Springs for group classroom instruction. We will then drive or ride back to the mutually agreed upon site.  Of course, your student's safety is paramount, and we will neither pick up or deliver your student any place that has not been arranged in advance.


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